About John H. Rizzo

Opera, up close and personal!


John H. Rizzo is the founder and director of The Italian Opera Company of Chicago. A veteran author and essayist he is currently the opera columnist for Fra Noi an Italian-American Magazine. For over twenty-seven years he has written comprehensively on opera and Italian culture.

In addition to opera, Mr. Rizzo has written a number of essays from different periods of time -- from Baroque to Romantic. Many of his essays can be read on his hubpages at:  www.johnhrizzo.hubpages.com

Mr. Rizzo also has an extensive professional background in music and theater, and has appeared in several made-in-Chicago films. Since 1999 he has been a faculty member at Oakton College in Des Plaines, Ill. where he teaches Western Civilization and various classes on Music, Film and Theater.

John H. Rizzo holds a Masters Degree in Theater from the University of Illinois and is the author and composer of several musicals for young people. He also made original translations of the choruses from the Agamemnon of Aeschylus for which he composed the music. In the summer he leads cultural tours of Greece and Italy.

John H. Rizzo is also the author of 6 novels. For more information or to order his books visit: www.johnhrizzo.com



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